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Out the Gate Sailing

There are a few questions we get asked when we meet new people and they find out we are living on a boat and sailing around Mexico. Some of the posts we wrote are in response to that like, Pug on a Boat & Cruising as an Only Child.

Today we humbly share another chance to learn more about the Franzeees and how we got started on this unique path. Ben from Out The Gate Sailing podcast interviewed us recently.  It's a nice easy listen while you are cooking or playing phone games (one of my personal favorite combos). Feel free to comment or reach out with any other questions you have. Here is our episode! We talk about how we got started sailing, acquired Pandion and what cruising is like before and during Covid.  

Thanks again Ben for including us in your podcast!

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About Tara Franz
A sailor, UX Researcher, and master of the canvas.
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