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Hot Summer Nights

It's been some time since I  updated you all on what we are doing. It's terrible really because I have had the time, just not the energy. Between wiping the sweat from my brow, to wiping the sweat from my back, to wiping the sweat from my... well you get it. It's SO HOT! Everyone said "oh the Sea of Cortez for the summer! It's so beautiful but it's pretty hot!". yah. #facts.

Since we got into La Paz in May for our new water maker we have been back in the Sea! Don't misunderstand my griping - it is SPECTACULAR here. It's the best place we could be to wait out quarantine, closed borders, and hurricane season, and we are very grateful #grateful! However it is pretty hot temps for 3 Canadians who had just acclimatized to California and thought "yah, let's make it hotter!".  What has really surprised me is how much time I spend coping with the heat. Creating fan strategies, dipping into the water (or the pool now that we are at a marina), finding air conditioning, being strategic with my movement, clothing, days' activities, and wind-scoop making. There is just a large part of my mind space taken up by "oh man, it's so hot". However we have been at the Puerto Escondido Marina now since July 22nd and I have figured out some killer go to's to keep cool, meaning I finally have time to tell you what's been happening! #grateful #blessed #airconFTW

Anchors Away!

On July 22nd, 2020 we pulled into Puerto Escondido Marina to tie the lines up, take a short break from the boat and get some help on a few projects. Prior to this day we had been living with Pandion on anchor for 166 days! This is a good streak for us, it's about five and a half months of having the boat in bays, or other anchorages and using the dinghy or paddle board to come to shore. It was certainly cost effective and it meant we spent way more time in the water and on the boat. Ideally, we would have spent more time on beaches too, but many of the beaches are technically closed for covid caution and so they are only to be used for short exercise and dog walks. We try to keep in line with the rules as much as possible. They also requested less fishing, snorkeling and diving (sometimes saying none at all) however we had to keep cool so we often just had to get in the water. I think it's important to note that my understanding of the intent of the restrictions is to reduce charter boats coming in the clients and causing crowding around beaches and marine areas. It's a way to curtail the tourism business to reduce contact. The outcome though is more isolated cruisers like ourselves are unsure if we're allowed to just take a dip by the boat or walk the dog at the beach. It's been confusing times, but we have had really positive interactions with local port captains and the navy so it's been O.K. so far.

Captain Patrick pulled us in perfectly on day 1! Luckily our neighbours had not arrived yet.

Puerto Escondido Marina

Marina living is not like anchor living. You step off the boat to a dock and we walk up to the public washrooms mostly. Salty loves it! He loves to sprint around the docks and visit people. There are more people on boats all around, and it feels very busy in contrast to the tranquility of anchor life. Even when big mega yachts are anchored in the same bay as us it doesn't feel as busy. It feels more private. Oh, and the marina, it's hot. Maybe I didn't mention that yet? So now we can't just jump in the water to cool down, and the breeze isn't what it was out on the water. We end up using the shore power plug in to power a small air conditioner. It sucks up a lot of power and can really only cool a small space in our boat (about a 1 meter cone directly in front). I know, I know, it seems like the boat is a small space, but it's pretty roomy actually... and hot. So the A/C unit just can't keep up. We've been cooling the largest berth on the boat and just crowding in there. You can find Salty sitting in front of the A/C unit chilling his ears and belly most hours of the day. And the Franz family unit grows ever more cozy as we pile onto the double bed and try to strategically lay down so we get the most cool air and the least amount of heat producing contact. We're a pretty tight group now! Luckily the marina also has a nice pool area which is shady and breezy so we spend time cooling there in the afternoon. Before it really warms up we spend our morning with work or boat jobs on the boat. Current goal of the week is to try and smell good all day. I'm about 50% successful.

Salty maximizing on Air Conditioning 

Our spot at the marina is also on the large-boat side-ties. YAY! Oh wait, we are the teeniest large boat in here. The super yachts swallow us up! It feels like being downtown in a city when we get off the boat with all the tall buildings around us! Ok ok, it's not so crazy, but that is what it reminds me of! The neighbors are nice though, and it's mostly crew you meet with their matching shirts and laid back vibe. They do a lot of cleaning, but honestly, crewing on a boat looks like a dope gig. I don't watch Below Deck or anything, but mostly we hear good things from non-reality TV crew that we meet.

This marina is pretty sweet because it has a nice little tienda where you can buy supplies and they can bring in groceries you need. They also have this local Jamaica which is my fave non-alcoholic beverage which I was introduced to in La Paz. If you want to make your own you need Hisbiscus leaves and a recipe like this.  Honestly we make a simple version by just steeping the leaves and then sweeten to our own taste. It's a dream! It's also good for you.

The delicious Seafood Tower from the restaurant. #ateit 

There is also a restaurant on the second story patio with pretty great food including wood fired pizzas and very strong margaritas! One will make you want one more, but two and your done. #truestory #drunkdockwalking. They have a team doing boat services you can speak with and a local charter/fishing company here. We were able to rent a car which Alamo brought to the marina so we could go get Salty from our awesome friend in La Paz who took care of him while we were in California, so the marina makes it easy to get a car. The drive to La Paz was nice. Seemed faster than by boat.... hmm.....

Chilling at the pool with a home made margarita! 

New Things

While at the marina, we've been able to do some shopping and traveling. We spent one week in California getting our visas renewed and receiving Amazon packages. We have been back and healthy this whole time, so the trip was a success. We were super impressed with the social distancing measures of the airport, shops, and restaurants we went to. We were also pretty floored by the lack of social distancing and mask wearing at the public beaches and pier in San Clemente. I was jaw-droppingly surprised to see a super crowded beach and pier after taking a walk down the beach path. This resulted in us spending a lot of time in our friends apartment during our week in California to stay healthy, safe and ensure we were as quarantined as possible.

Since we had all the Amazon etc. we could handle, we bought some new fun things. Everest and Patrick got new cameras for photography study and underwater footage. I can't wait until we can get in the water and then start sharing many more fish with you! I got supplies for sprouting veggies on the boat, so I'm excited to try that! I'll post some updates on how it goes soon! I'm going to remake my cheap fabric wind scoops with some deluxe fabric I got from Sailrite which will keep me busy in the heat.

We are looking forward to getting back out to anchor. I am working on a small contract project currently so we have to stay within internet areas, but there are lots of bays near Loreto that have cell signal. We have managed to patch the dinghy leak so we should be sharing pics from the fish community soon, even while we are at the marina.
Stay healthy out there!

We all get a little crazy when it's hot!
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