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On Anchor in Half Moon Bay, Ca

We just pulled up the anchor! We have been anchored for the past month in Half Moon Bay and started heading south to Mexico on October 14th, 2019.  We have decided not to join the Baja-Haha because we want to take more time hanging out in different places along the way, and they are leaving later this year (early November).

Being on anchor isn't too crazy.  We have solar panels to charge our batteries so power wasn't much of a worry.  Our anchor was fairly steady, however, we got a small craft warning and had to reset the anchor because we tested the anchor by backing up on it and we were dragging a bit.  The main appeal of anchoring in Half Moon Bay is it's a protected anchorage, also clam chowder all day, every day!

We recently found out that our dingy had a small leak on the hard back and was letting water in! We brought it up on the boat and put some epoxy on it. We let it cure for 24 hours and put it back in the water.  As we were going to shore the water the epoxy failed. Not sure why. We brought the dingy back up and tried some brazing rods since the hole is in aluminum.  We tried to stick weld the hole shut, but this was during the small craft warning so we couldn't get the metal quite as hot as it should. We put it back in the water, and because of the wind, the weld popped out. The leak was worse than when it started and it was like a fountain into the dingy. We couldn't leave it because the dingy would sink, so we went back and grabbed the quick dry epoxy. We put it on the hole, and it worked for a few days with no leak, however, the quick-dry is just a temporary fix and will probably need to be welded. We tried the blazing rods again with less wind, and we were able to finally patch the hole.  We fixed the dingy and just before we left for Santa Cruz!

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